GYS GYSFLASH battery charger

Everyone in the automotive industry knows that a stable power supply is essential during programming or diagnostic work. We have been using GYS devices for...

New Trasdata Update

Dimsport has released a new update for the Trasdata. Again, many bench operations have been added which make working a lot easier. You don't have a...

NewHolland Case Steyr MD1CE101 remapping with the Dimsport Trasdata

With the Trasdata it is possible to optimize the Bosch MD1CE101 (NewHolland Case Steyr,...) control units simply, quickly and, above all, safely....

New Dimsport Flash 773 for Honda Motorcycles

With the current update it is now possible to optimize many Honda motorcycles. BIKENEW: FLASH_0773 HONDA MOTO KEIHIN R/W ...

Komatsu - Cummins Tuning / DPF delete Solution

With the Dimsport New Genius it is possible to read the CM2250 engine control unit of the 11L Cummins in about 50 minutes....

#COVID-19 we stay online

Dear ladies and gentlemen! Even in the current crisis, we are available during our opening hours with the best service and support. Take care of...