Honda EDC17 Tuning Update

Honda update, this time Dimsport took the current Honda car models with EDC 17 engine control units.If there is an original file on the server, you can edit...

MD1 / MG1 with New Trasdata

Dimsport makes it possible. Now many new control units with MD / MG 1 ECU can also be optimized via Trasdata and E-GPT interface.Therefore, professional...

Dimsport E-GPT - Edit ECUs directly without opening them

The wait is finally over! Now with the E-GPT cable  Dimsport allows ...

Dimsport Update Citroen Peugeot Mercedes

  At the end of the year Dimsport presents another update. Many new Citroen, Peugeot and especially Mercedes and can be optimized via OBD. At the same...

WARNING - New Genius update

WARNING!!! New BMW software versions have been found for which the New Genius needs to be updated. In order to work properly with the New Genius in...

NewGenius update Chrysler and Jeep

  With this version it is possible for you to optimize many Chrysler and Jeep with V6 and V8 engines via OBD. Furthermore, many modifications and...