CMD Update AUDI 3.0 TFSI

Good morning, we are particularly pleased that with the latest CMD update many 3.0 TFSI are to be programmed via OBD.We have already flashed the first A5 with...

CMD Ford EDC17C70 Update

Again a CMD update, again very Ford-heavy. This time the guys from Genestrerio allow us to tune many Ford with EDC17C70 via OBD. CMDFLASH V3.2.0.157 OBD...

CMD Update Ford DCM 6 per OBD

Another major update from CMD, now many Ford DCM 6.1 can be optimized via OBD.We have already tested and are very happy with the results. ...

CMD Update Ford Ranger Porsche Macan Golf7 MED17.1.21

On March 7th, Flashtec released the update V3.2.0.154, which allows you to program the Ford Ranger with the SID 209 engine control unit via OBD.Attention the...

Big CMD Porsche Update

This update puts a smile in the face of all friends of sports cars from Zuffenhausen.Flashtec now allows many Porsches such as The 911 991 GT3 with 350kW to...

CMD update - even more Audi TDI's possible via OBD

Dear customers and interested persons, the latest CMD update allows you to program even more VAG vehicles via OBD.For many the older EDC17CP04 and EDC17CP14...